EXTOL offers 3 ranges of high quality tools Made in EU

EXTOL INDUSTRIAL presents tools designed for everyday professional use in the industrial sphere. These machines undergo rigorous stress tests and their robust design and first-class components make them durable and reliable partners in tough conditions.

EXTOL PREMIUM is a typical Master class. Unlike the hobby tools whose only parameter is often the price, Extol Premium designers put emphasis on the quality of the materials and technologies used, the design, the design, the parameters and the ergonomics. 
This category guarantees that at an affordable price you buy a quality product made using the latest technology and fulfilling the highest expectations in many ways. At the same time it brings a number of solutions and patents that have been the prerogative of professional brands.

EXTOL CRAFT is an excellent choice for home-grown-ups who want to enjoy their hobby - at a reasonable price. 
The Extol Craft tool offers the hobby category above standard: For the "hobby" price you get the best you can achieve in this category.


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